Disaster proof data storage for government

Fireproof and waterproof NAS


Two-218sOur products are disaster proof, meaning that should a hurricane, wildfire, broken pipe, or rogue cigarette strike, ioSafe storage will keep your hard drives looking as good as new!

This is very, very important for getting up and running again, especially if downloading a local copy of your data would be prohibitively difficult because of slow network speeds or recent damage.

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countryside-dirt-road-grass-154800Great for remote locations

Although all county and local governments create and manage important and private data, only some have access to reliable backup solutions. Network speeds can be unreliable or slow in many parts of America, and recovering data can be an impossible chore.

ioSafe storage offers a simple remedy: 

  • Accessibility – collaborate and use your data even if the internet is down
  • Compliance – maintain control of confidential work
  • Security – physical security and encryption available


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